How To Add DTikTok Latest Version 4.3.2 (Shortcut iOS)

Add DTikTok Latest Version: Are you a TikTok user looking for the best tool to download popular TikTok videos on your IOS device? However, TikTok does not allow users to download the videos directly. That’s why the DTikTok Shortcut was developed. This powerful tool allows iPhone and iPad users to download TikTok videos directly to their photo library. Whether you want to save your favorite TikTok clips without watermarks or extract the audio, the DTikTok Shortcut provides a seamless and efficient solution.

This blog post will discuss how to add DTikTok Shortcuts latest version and simple steps to download and install DTikTok Shortcut for iOS.

About DTikTok Shortcut:

DTikTok is a Shortcut designed for IOS users, and it was developed by RHN in 2020. This Shortcut is available in the Apple Shortcut App and online communities. It allows iPhone and iPad users to easily download TikTok videos without watermarking directly to their library. This Shortcut stands out as one of the most widely used iOS apps, offering a variety of exclusive features not found in other iPhone apps. 

Users can able to use Add DTikTok Shortcut to download videos through Siri Integration. Simply use Siri to download your favorite TikTok videos using voice commands. To access and use the DTikTok Shortcut, users must install the Shortcuts app on their iOS device. The Shortcut can be found and added within the Shortcuts app by searching for DTikTok.

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Steps to Download Add DTikTok Latest Versionfor IOS :

As I told you before, you must have the Shortcut App on your IOS Device. Only then will you be able to add a DTikTok Shortcut or download the DTikTok Shortcut. Every iPhone has the Shortcut app as default.  If not, install it. Follow the steps below to download DTikTok’s Latest version,

Name DTikTok
Version 4.3.2
File Size 1.5MB
Update July 18, 2024
File Type Shortcut
User Rating
Version 4.3.2

Add DTikTok Latest Version

  • First, open the Shortcuts app on your IOS device
  • In the Shortcuts app, search for DTikTok shortcut Latest Version 4.3.2.
  • Once you find DTikTok in the search results, select it and choose “Add shortcut” to install it into your device.
  • Also, check for the DTikTok Shortcut version, which is the latest version, 4.3.2. 
  • After adding DTikTok, Launch TikTok on your iPhone, choose the video you want to download, tap the share icon, and select the TikTok icon to start the download process.
  • Now, it asks you to Grant permission when prompted, and the DTikTok Shortcut will analyze the link and download the TikTok video to your iPhone automatically.
  • Finally, the downloaded TikTok video will be stored in your device’s Photos app, ready for viewing or sharing with others.

Following these steps, you can easily download the latest version of the DTikTok Shortcut and save TikTok videos directly on your iPhone or iPad.


In Summary, DTiktok Shortcut is a popular tool specially designed for TikTok users who want to download TikTok Videos without a Watermark. You can easily add the DTikTok Shortcut to your iPhone IOS device by visiting the Shortcuts App. Once you get the latest version of DTikTok, you can download your favourite TikTok video and share it with your friends.


1. Is DTikTok compatible with Android devices?

Ans: DTikTok is specifically designed for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. It does not support Android devices.

2. Does DTikTok maintain the quality of downloaded TikTok videos?

Ans: Yes, DTikTok downloads videos in their original quality.

3. Is DTikTok officially endorsed by TikTok?

Ans: DTikTok is a third-party shortcut developed by RHN that has not been officially approved or endorsed by TikTok.

4. How do I use DTikTok to download TikTok videos?

Ans: Just open the TikTok app, choose the video you want to download, click on the share option, and then select the DTikTok option. The video will start downloading to your photo library.

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