DTikTok Shortcut for iOS – Download TikTok Videos with Siri Shortcuts

DTiktok Shortcut: TikTok is the most trending social media application mainly focused on video. It captured the attention of millions of people worldwide with its short-form video format. Users can create and share videos, from a few seconds to one minute in length, like everything from dance, lip-syncing, comedy, DIY Tutorials, etc. However, some people like downloading trending TikTok videos or audio without a watermark. For them, DTikTok Shortcut has been developed for IOS.

DTikTok Shortcut

Using this DTiktok, users can download TikTok Videos, Clips, and Music without a Watermark. Let’s see what DTiktok is, How to download & Install DTiktok Shortcut for IOS, Features of DTiktok, etc, in detail.

DTiktok Shortcut for iOS v4.3.3 ( iOS 13,14,15,16,17):

Name DTikTok
Version 4.3.2
File Size 1.5MB
Update July 18, 2024
File Type Shortcut
User Rating
Version 4.3.2

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About is DTikTok?

DTikTok is a shortcut for IOS devices designed for iPhone users to download TikTok videos. It was developed by RHN in 2020. DTikTok Shortcut is specially designed to meet the unique needs of TikTok users. You can install this Shortcut on any of your IOS devices, like an iPhone or iPad. One of the fantastic features of DTikTok is that it allows you to download any TikTok videos without a watermark and maintain their original quality. So you can enjoy high-quality videos without any loss. Also, it offers fast downloading speeds. 

DTikTok is a shortcut for IOS
DTikTok is a shortcut for IOS

DTiktok for IOS has a simple user interface, so you can find what you need quickly. Once you download your favorite TikTok Videos, you can view and use them offline. With its many features and built-in features, you can easily download your most loved TikTok videos on your IOS Device. Apart from this, DTikTok uses Siri Integration so that you can download the TikTok Videos through Voice Commands. That’s why it stands out as one of the most popular iPhone Shortcuts. If you want to download TikTok videos and audio on your IOS devices, then DTikTok is the Shortcut.

What is the latest version of DTikTok?

The latest version of the DTikTok Shortcut is version 4.3.3, as detailed in the search results. This version, released in March 2024, offers enhanced capabilities, improved features, and better compatibility for an optimal TikTok video downloading experience. Users can access this latest version of the DTikTok Shortcut through the Apple Shortcuts app, shortcut repositories, or online communities.

How to Download And Install DTikTok Shortcut for IOS 17 Device?

All iPhones have the shortcut app as the default feature. So, initially verify if your iPhone already has this DTikTok app. Are you looking to learn how to download DTikTok Shortcut on an iPhone or iPad?

Just follow the steps mentioned below,

  • First, make sure the shortcut app is downloading on your iPhone. If it is, then simply follow the steps mentioned below.
  • If it is not installed, go to the App Store and download the Shortcut app on your IOS devices.
  • Now, Open the Shortcut App on your IOS Devices. It will be on your home screen.
DTikTok Shortcut ios
DTikTok Shortcut ios
  • Then search for DTikTok Shortcut on the home page by entering the name DTikTok.
  • Once you find the DTikTok Shortcut, Select it.
  • Now, Click the Add Shortcut option to add DTikTok on your iPhone or iPad.
  • After adding the shortcut option, launch the DTikTok Shortcut ios 17 on your iPhone to download TikTok videos and audio.
  • You can also use it via voice commands via the shortcut app or Siri.

How do you download TikTok videos on DTikTok Shortcut ?

After downloading the DTikTok Shortcut on your iPhone, you can easily download any TikTok video and audio. Here are the simple steps to download TikTok Videos,

  • First, open the TikTok app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then search for your favorite TikTok videos or audios you like downloading.
  • Click on the share icon in the bottom right of the screen.
  • In that sharing option list, select the DTikTok option.
  • Now, you will receive the pop-up notification for granted permission to download.
  • Once granted permission, the app will download the TikTok video without the requested watermark.
DTikTok Shortcut iOS
DTikTok Shortcut iOS
  • That’s it. The downloaded video is automatically stored on your device storage.
Dtiktok for ios
Dtiktok for ios
  • You can view and share the download TikTok video with your friends and family without a watermark.
  • DTikTok is a shortcut for iOS devices that allows you to download TikTok videos without watermarks and save them to your device’s photo library.

Features of DTikTok Shortcut:

🛠️ Customized Experience: Specially designed for TikTok users, enhancing the video downloading experience with stunning features.
🚫 Free Watermark: Download videos in original quality and resolution without watermarks, maintaining a professional look.
🎵 Audio & Video: Supports downloading both the video in MP4 format and extracting audio as MP3 files, all watermark-free.
👆 Easy Use Interface: Access the download function directly from the TikTok app's share menu without switching apps.
🌟 High-Quality: Download videos in the original high quality, enjoying clean visuals without any loss of detail.
🔧 Simple Installation: Easily add the Shortcut to the iOS Shortcuts app with a minimal setup process.
Fast Download: Quickly download your preferred TikTok videos, efficiently handling both short and long videos.
🗣️ Siri Connectivity: Integrate with Siri to download videos using simple voice commands.

Dtiktok shortcut For android:

The DTikTok shortcut is specifically designed for iOS devices running iOS 12 or later and requires the Shortcuts app to be installed. Unfortunately, there is currently no Android version of the DTikTok shortcut available. This means that Android users will need to explore alternative methods or third-party apps to download TikTok videos, as the DTikTok shortcut is exclusively compatible with iOS devices.

What formats can DTikTok Shortcut save downloaded video and audio?

The DTikTok Shortcut allows users to download TikTok videos in various formats:

  1. Videos without watermark
  2. Videos with watermark
  3. Audio files (MP3)

DTikTok enables users to download TikTok content directly from the share sheet without the need for additional apps. It ensures that downloaded videos maintain their original quality, including resolution and file size, without any compression or loss of quality.

Pros & Cons of DTikTok Shortcut:

The DTikTok shortcut for IOS allows users to download TikTok videos without a watermark and to download audio files directly from the share option.

Let’s see the Pros & Cons of DTiktok Shortcut below,

Pros of DTiktok:

  • DTikTok enables downloading TikTok videos without a watermark, which can be helpful for various purposes.
  • It enables effortless and smooth retrieval of TikTok videos by simply entering the video’s URL. The Shortcut handles the entire download process.
  • It provides the original quality and resolution of the downloaded TikTok videos, providing a high-quality viewing experience.
  • It can be used through the share option of the TikTok app without the need to install any additional apps.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for the TikTok video downloading process.

Cons of DTiktok:

  • The DTikTok shortcut URL may become invalid over time. It could make the shortcut stop working.
  • All TikTok videos inherently have a watermark, even if downloaded without one using the Shortcut. The watermark cannot be removed entirely.

Alternatives to the DTikTok Shortcut

some alternatives to the DTikTok Shortcut for downloading TikTok videos on iOS 17

YAS Download Shortcut:

  • Supports downloading from more platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  • Has advanced features but more complex interface.

Built-in TikTok Sharing:

  • Download videos with/without watermark, save audio as MP3.
  • No separate shortcut needed.

Other Downloader Apps:

  • Variety of third-party options with different features.

DTikTok FAQ’s:

The DTikTok shortcut is typically available in the Apple Shortcuts app.

DTikTok is a shortcut application that enables iPhone users to save TikTok videos, offering exclusive features not found in other iPhone apps

To get DTikTok on your iOS device, you must install the Shortcuts app. Then go to the Shortcut app and download DTiktok

Yes, DTikTok downloads TikTok videos without watermarks.

The DTikTok app only supports iPhone models 15 and above.

The file size of DTikTok Shortcut is 1.5MB


In Conclusion, the DTikTok Shortcut for IOS is a user-friendly app that allows you to download TikTok videos & audio without a watermark for free. With its many features, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience while downloading TikTok Videos. You can also use Siri Integration to process TikTok video downloads. This article is handy for you to learn more about DTikTok Shortcut. Enjoy the latest videos using the DTikTok downloader and share them with your friends.

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